D'Mix: Kick-Start the Digestive Process!

D'mix 100g

D'mix 100g


D’Mix is the only proven food supplement to relieve a wide variety of digestive discomforts a specially formulated blend of herbs and spices to chew after meals in order to kick-start and aid the digestive process by re-teaching your brain and your body to chew your food properly. To take your digestive MOT visit www.justchewit.net

We all know that our digestion begins with mastication (chewing of food), and 70% of our digestive enzymes are created in your saliva when your chew your food and those digestive enzymes are time-depended – the longer you chew your food the more complex digestive enzymes are created by your body. D’Mix was created to work on your entire digestive system by teaching your brain and body how to break down your food properly. The moment you start chewing D’Mix, the natural-state botanicals start to activate your saliva glands, alkalise your stomach and kick-starts the release of your digestive enzymes and gastric juices. It helps to maintain natural restoration of stomach and colon lining and will assist in the detox of your vital organs – this is why, after 12 days of continuous use, our customers start reporting that their nails, skin, whites of the eyes and hair start to improve as an indicator of your liver being detoxed. This aids better absorption of nutrients and consequently enhances probiotics and digestive enzymes making your body better prepared to fight off infections and disease.

The end result is a well-balanced, fully functioning digestive system where you are free to consume the food and drinks you love without fear of the consequences. This can also mean no more ruined holidays, no more searching in panic for the nearest loo or being un-able to go for weeks on end, no more waking up in the middle of the night with acid reflux un-able to go back to sleep and often the relief of itchy and blotchy skin; a common symptom of poor digestion. For best results we recommend that you add our award-winning Digestif Tea to your Dmix regime and, to this end, we have created a special Digestive Kickstarter Pack that offers you a complete two month course of digestive healing. As majority of people suffering from digestive problems exhibit clear signs of lacking Vitamin B12, we recommend that you also check out our Palmyra Jaggery – the only plant-based source of bio-available Vitamin B12 currently found in Nature.

D’Mix does all this naturally, with no side-effects or contra-indications and unlike other digestive medications, will not wash calcium from your bones and cause brittle-bone disease.

After two month of taking D’Mix we advise you cut out sugar and processed foods from your diet and then you can stop taking D’Mix should you like to. However D’Mix can offer you extra digestive support whenever you want to indulge in these foods. For help with quitting sugar, please buy our Palmyra Jaggery


Introduces natural-state botanicals: All the ingredients in D’Mix are in the most unprocessed possible state, ensuring their time-honoured properties are able to work in the most natural way.

Promotes healthy chewing habits: 70% of digestive enzymes are created in your saliva and those enzymes are also time-dependent – the longer you chew your food, the more complex those digestive enzymes become. Chewing activates a complex set of processes in the brain and body that strengthen the digestive system and support effective food absorption and elimination. Failure to chew your food properly can contribute to a number of digestive difficulties. So when you chew D’Mix after meals, the botanicals work with the action of chewing to kick-start a healthy digestive process.

Improves food absorption and elimination: Improved chewing habits combine with the action of the natural-state botanical ingredients to strengthen and tone the digestive system,

Strengthens and tones the digestive system. D’Mix helps to strengthen and rebalance the entire digestive system, beginning with the cephalic (chewing) phase and serving to get the entire mechanism working smoothly together.

For best results we recommend taking D’Mix in conjunction with our Herbal Digestif Tea, which is specially formulated to complement D’Mix. Try our Digestive Kickstarter Pack for the ultimate in digestive wellbeing!

For more information on the importance of chewing, please visit www.justchewit.net and take your digestive MOT there.

D’mix has been hailed a cure for life-damaging indigestion, treating symptoms ranging from bloating to acid reflux, please see our testimonials page for further details.

D’Mix has been featured in many prestigious publications. Here’s a sample:


What's in it?

Fennel seed – A traditional aid to healthy digestion in many cultures, fennel has been shown in clinical trials to reduce gut spasms in infants with colic.

Peppermint – Peppermint tea is a traditional after-dinner digestive in many countries. Tials suggest it may be helpful in treating IBS.

Liquorice – Liquorice has been shown in trials to support the creation of digestive enzymes and stomach mucus, helping to protect the stomach lining from corrosion by digestive acids.

Jaggery – Jaggery is unrefined cane molasses traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine and as a natural sweetener in Indian food. It is high in iron and slower to absorb than refined sugar.


Flax seed – Clinical trials have suggested that flax seed may be helpful in treating constipation and other digestive disorders.

Ajwain – Ajwain, also known as carom seed, is widely used in Ayurvedic remedies. It contains thymol, a natural antiseptic.

Hari patti – An Indian bitter leaf, hari patti is traditionally used as an ingredient in paan after-dinner digestive chews.

Sesame seed -High in calcium and other essential minerals, sesame oils have been shown in clinical trials to support liver functioning.